• Effect of covid-19 virus on NBR latex

    NBR latex exhibits excellent properties such as resistance to oil and other chemicals which makes them highly desirable in manufacturing protective equipment mainly gloves for the industrial & healthcare sector. This growing penetration is anticipated to create ample opportunities in the nit...
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  • Introduction to chlorine dioxide

    Chlorine dioxide (ClO2) is a yellow-green gas with an odor similar to chlorine with excellent distribution, penetration and sterilization abilities due to its gaseous nature. Although chlorine dioxide has chlorine in its name, its properties are very different, much like carbon dioxide is differe...
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  • Welcome to FIZA TECHNOLOGY

    HEBEI FIZA TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD is a fully integrated chemical manufacturer and supplier. We specialize in the production and export of chemicals which are used for a wide range of applications in the feed, fertilizer, food, industrial and water treatment fields,such as sodium chlorite,chlorine d...
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